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TCH-VC88COMPOUND CROCHET KNITTING MACHINECAPABILITIES OF MACHINERY*The machine can manufacture loop tape. loop bandage with elastic or without elastic...etc.* The machine can produce the different size of loop which on the surface of bandage-depend on operator. * Automatic lubrication for link chain system allows the machine to run quiety and smoothly at high speeds.
1.6 bars & 8 bars on Customer request. 2.15G, 18G, 20G or guage according to custorner request. 3.Auto, lubrication for link chain system allows the m/c to run quietly and smoothly at high speed. 4.Link chain is interchangeable, it can be used in different gauge. 5.This m/c can manufacture laces, bands & ribbons, both elastic and non-elastic.
UPHOLSTERY FABRICS CROCHET MACHINE, machinery, kitting machine.
TCH-1700 UPHOLSTERY FABRICS CROCHET KNITTING MACHINECAPABILITIES OF MACHINERY * TCH-1700 can manufacture upholstery fabrics for curtain,decoration, lace, clothes and tablecloth ...etc. * This machine can process any kind of yarn in the weft. * In the weft it can process fancy yarn in the well. * Can be ordered with either 10 or 15 gauge according to customer request. * The production width can reach 1700mm. * Automatic lubrication for link chain allows the machine to run quietly

About Us

1968:Founded"Sheng Fa Iron Works"by Mr.TSAI SHUI LONG ,
manufacturing farming machines and developing crochet knitting machines.
1971:Founded"Taiwn Giu Yang Ind.Co.,Ltd"to manufacture cro -
chet knitting machines.
1984:Reorgainized"Taiwan Giu Chun Ind.Co.,Ltd"and recruit professional talent for crochet knitting machines.It is the inter -
national mark "T.C.H"
1991:Incorporated "Taiwan Giu Chun Trading Co.,Ltd"to import & export all kinds of textile items.
1997:"Knitting machines manufactured awarded" by Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Best Product Award. "Knitting machines developed awarded" by Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Best Research & Innovation Award.
1998:Start researching "electronic crochet knitting machines" with Italy professional Electronic manufacturer.Officially accre -
dited ISO-9002.
2000:Electronic crochet knitting machine hits the market.
2003:Double bed warp knitting machine hits the market.
2004:All machines pass "CE" certification.
2005:Officially accredited ISO-9001.
2008:Inauguration of new office building & T.C.H 40 year anni -
versary celebration.